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How a TODD Can Help You Avoid Probate If You Own Real Property

How a TODD Can Help You Avoid Probate If You Own Real Property

Death is always tragic. Furthermore, when it comes to the disposition of a decedent’s property, there are a multitude of legal issues that can make it even more burdensome for a decedent’s loved ones. However, Minnesota has multiple legal devices that can alleviate...

Unmarried Owners of Real Property: Don’t Neglect This Important Step.

Many unmarried couples choose to live together before getting married, or as an alternative to marriage. What these couples often don’t realize is that they lack important legal protections that the law gives to married couples. However, couples can create similar...

How to Remove an Unwanted Guest from your Home in Minnesota

Many are familiar with the “Minnesota nice” stereotype that was long ago coined to describe the demeanor of Minnesotans. With hats, t-shirts, and movies highlighting this slogan, it is fair to say that Minnesotans are proud of this portrayal. Regardless of the truth...

Undisclosed conditions in a Home Purchase and Arbitration Proceedings

Question: Have you either purchased or sold a home in which there is an issue about the condition about property?  It is not uncommon for an issue of undisclosed defects in the condition of the property to arise. Minnesota law generally requires a seller of...