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Which Parent Can Claim a Child On Their Tax Returns?

When parents are not married (after a divorce or when they have a child outside of marriage), the question arises every year before April 15th – Which parent is able to claim the joint child as a dependency exemption for income tax purposes? Gloria E. Bogen has been...

How Do I Protect Myself from My Spouse in Minnesota?

Domestic violence is a very difficult area in family law and one that gets a lot of attention in the media, whether against a spouse or against the children in a family.  Domestic violence is increasingly common in our society, both inside and outside of the marital...

Do Grandparents Have the Right to See Their Grandchildren?

In most states, including Minnesota, it is assumed that grandparents will have the ability to see their grandchildren when their own child has the children with him or her.  Obviously, this won’t happen if the parent (child of the grandparents) is deceased.  It will...