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What Constitutes an Employee and Independent Contractor

WHAT CONSTITUTES AN EMPLOYEE AND INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE JULY 15, 2015, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR CRITERIA      Dudley and Smith, P.A. has been practicing in Minnesota since 1952 and has experienced Attorneys that will assist both companies and...

Legislative Update – Recent Changes to Minnesota Foreclosure Law

Minnesota law provides procedures that lenders must follow to foreclose a mortgages on real estate, and the law also provides rights and opportunities for property owners and homeowners facing foreclosure to save their property. Minnesota law was changed this past...

Deductions From Employee’s Wages Under Minnesota Law

Minnesota’s laws are very rigid and with strict penalties for any sums deducted from employee or independent contractor’s wages.  No employer shall make any deduction, directly or indirectly, from wages due or earned by any employee for stolen property,...

New Debt Collection Notice Requirements for Nonprofit Hospitals

On January 1, 2016, a new law will go into effect that requires nonprofit hospitals to provide patients a specific notice before engaging in certain debt collection activities to collect an unpaid hospital bill. Unpaid hospital bills impact the medical field on both...
Is an Oral Promise to Guarantee the Debt of Another Valid?

Is an Oral Promise to Guarantee the Debt of Another Valid?

The importance of having well-drafted written contracts cannot be understated in the business context. No matter the relationship of the parties to the underlying agreement, having that agreement documented in writing is the safest way to memorialize the parties’...