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JoeMinnesota’s laws are very rigid and with strict penalties for any sums deducted from employee or independent contractor’s wages.  No employer shall make any deduction, directly or indirectly, from wages due or earned by any employee for stolen property, damage to property, or for any other claim for indebtedness arising out of his employment, unless the employee authorizes the employer in writing to make the deduction, and that this deduction sets forth the amount to be deducted from the employee’s wages during each pay period.  This authorization cannot be in excess of the amounts subject to garnishment or execution on wages nor can it be contrary to any Collective Bargaining Agreement or any rules established for commission sales people, where those rules are used for disciplines, fines or errors and omissions.

The employee may make arrangements with the employer for a loan or purchase from the employer when the employee voluntarily authorizes in writing that the cost of the purchase or loan shall be deducted from the employee’s wages at regular intervals or upon termination of employment.

Minnesota courts have been very strict in enforcing these rules and employers who violate these provisions may be guilty in a civil action for twice the amount of the deduction taken.

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