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How a TODD Can Help You Avoid Probate If You Own Real Property

How a TODD Can Help You Avoid Probate If You Own Real Property

Death is always tragic. Furthermore, when it comes to the disposition of a decedent’s property, there are a multitude of legal issues that can make it even more burdensome for a decedent’s loved ones. However, Minnesota has multiple legal devices that can alleviate...

Requesting Access to a Deceased Family Member’s Apple Account

When a family member dies unexpectedly it brings legal obstacles you may not be prepared for. One such obstacle is obtaining access to the deceased person’s Apple account. People store many things in their Apple accounts including important documents, photos,...

How to Avoid Probate – Minnesota Estate Planning

By Michael Divine, Esq. In Minnesota, a probate is generally only required if an estate’s probate assets exceed $50,000. Accordingly, estate planning that aims to avoid probate must utilize strategies reducing the probate estate – often by...

Where Must a Probate Take Place?

A loved one has died, and you know that a probate is needed, but where must that probate take place? When a resident of Minnesota dies the proper venue for the probate proceeding is the county where the person was domiciled at the time of their death.[i] Under the...