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Gloria E. Bogen Gloria Bogen has devoted her legal career to representing individuals in Family Law cases since she graduated with honors from William Mitchell College of Law and was admitted to the Minnesota Bar in 1982. Her vast knowledge of the law, over 30 years...

Child Protection (TPR)

CHILD PROTECTION:  HOW DO I RESPOND TO WHEN FACED WITH A PETITION FORTERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS?  Termination of Parental Rights “TPR” matters are brought in juvenile court in Minnesota and are governed by the Rules of Juvenile Protection Procedure.  Allegations...

Minnesota Landlords, Eviction Rights are Back!

June 29, 2021 marked the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 eviction suspensions in Minnesota. The State of Minnesota passed Minnesota Session Laws 2021, 1st Special Session, Chapter 8 H.F. No. 4, Article 5. This law, which has come to be known as the Eviction...
Dog Fright

Dog Fright

Dogs can injure persons in numerous ways, not just by biting. A dog can bite, scratch, trip, knock down, or frighten a person, causing damage. A dog fright case is one in which the behavior of the dog causes a reasonable person to take defensive action which results...

Coronavirus Lawsuits & Nursing Home Negligence

Has the present COVID-19 crisis impacted you or a loved one who has died, been released to a hospital or home, or is residing at a nursing home? The renowned attorneys at Dudley & Smith are here to help! In these uncertain times, the one thing you should not be...