Landlord Lawyers

Dudley and Smith, P.A. represents commercial landlords and tenants, and residential landlords in all areas of landlord-tenant law. We also represent rental property managers. Landlord-tenant law often involves local, state, and federal laws to properly set up and manage the rental property. Landlords range in size from single-family rentals to multi-unit buildings for residential, retail, office, commercial, or industrial use.

Dudley and Smith, P.A. works with landlords and commercial tenants for all their needs, including:

• Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating leases, assignments, and other landlord-tenant agreements.
• Reviewing local, state, and federal laws for compliance issues.
• Evictions, lease terminations, and lease renewals.
• Repair and maintenance disputes.
• Rent collection and security deposit disputes.

Minnesota’s landlord-tenant statute is detailed and contains many mandatory compliance requirements. Minnesota Statutes, Section 504B governs the general landlord-tenant relationship, evictions, rent escrow actions, and tenant remedies actions. Some provisions only apply in the residential setting, and others are relevant for commercial and residential arrangements. It’s important that landlords take a detail-oriented approach in their business as the failure to comply with statutory requirements can make it difficult to enforce their rights in what would otherwise be an expedited proceeding.

Whether you want help setting up your first lease, or you’re an established landlord looking for counsel to guide you through a thorny eviction with anticipated defenses, we’d be happy to discuss your matter to develop a personalized, cost-effective approach for your needs. Contact Dudley and Smith, P.A.’s landlord attorneys at (651) 291-1717.